"Rita has a well-earned reputation among our Producers for delivering quality voice talent quickly and dependably. We've been working with her happily for nearly 10 years now - need I say more?"         

Ron Tonkin
Regional Production Manager  Time Warner Cable Media

"Could not have a better experience. Nailed the read the first time. Exceptional quality. Speedy turnaround. Would use again in a heartbeat.”

Jacob Portnoy
Producer, WKOW-TV, St. Paul. MN

“Great job. First class voice talent. We would definitely use Rita again. She is a complete joy to work with. Why look anywhere else?”

David Shadbolt
Marketing Manager Transition Associates UK

"Unmatched speed, product, range, and professionalism. Rita is a great find for anyone who wants their productions to go the extra mile."

Chuck Meré
Creative Services Producer, KNWA/KFTA